Throwback Thursday in Volo

Throwback Thursday in Volo                Thursday, July 18, 2019           $104

A day of nostalgia is in store for you as we travel to nearby Volo, IL to visit the Volo Auto Museum for Throwback Thursday! Originating in 1960 in a farmhouse and barn, this Route 12 mainstay has grown into a multi-acre site with 33 themed exhibits. You will see cars of the rich and famous: Michael Jordan’s Bentley, the limo which transported Princess Diana around Chicago in 1996, and the Rolls Royce, Zsa Zsa Gabor was driving when pulled over by the Beverly Hills policeman she slapped, leading to her much publicized arrest. One section houses a Military exhibit with a video presentation, a Harrier jump jet and Huey helicopters from Vietnam. See an amazing display of vintage kiddie rides from the 1940s to the 1960s, plus the largest diorama of Disney and Warner Brothers characters in the world. Used as props for gift shops and studios, the figures were supposed to be destroyed after their use but instead reached the outside world! There are also rare Mold-o-Rama machines used to make collectible Disney Characters. An unbelievable collection of arcade games is housed in another section. You can even test your skills on the moving targets in the shooting gallery games. There are three theatres, displays of vintage gas pumps and neon signs, and a double decker bus once used at Disney World’s Epcot Center, often in use at the museum! One of the museum’s most popular sites is the country's largest display of Hollywood TV and movie cars. Here you will see the Bluesmobile, described as an old Mt. Prospect police car in the classic movie “The Blues Brothers.” See the original Batmobile used by Adam West in the TV version of Batman, plus subsequent Batmobiles in the movie trilogies. See the Ghostbusters car and the automobile used in the Bonnie & Clyde movie, complete with bullet holes. Not to be missed is the 1981 DeLorean from “Back to the Future”! The complex also features antique and collectible malls. Lunch will follow at nearby Lindy’s Landing, overlooking scenic Bangs Lake in Wauconda.