The Chicago Outfit-"Operation Family Secrets"


The Chicago Outfit- "Operation Family Secrets"         Thursday May 7, 2020              $108

Get the inside story of Operation Family Secrets, an FBI investigation of mob-related crimes in Chicago. The FBI called it one of the most successful investigations of organized crime ever conducted. The investigation began in mid-1998 when Frank Calabrese Jr, wrote a letter to the FBI saying he wanted help to keep his dangerous father and mob boss Frank Sr, in jail.  You’ll have the opportunity to take a ride with “Frank Calabrese Jr”, as he recounts his days and nights working as a soldier in his father's Chinatown crew and shows us actual crime scenes he experienced firsthand.  See news clips and photos, and hear fascinating stories from a charismatic and  great storyteller on how the Chicago mob operated, past and present. You will learn why he made his decision to turn against his father and the Chicago outfit, resulting in the conviction of mob heavyweights Joey “the Clown” Lombardo, street boss James Marcello, his father and his uncle Nick.  Hear how the case also brought out the true story of the Spilatro Brothers hit, famously depicted in the movie “Casino” and the events leading to the trial in 2007.  Lunch is included at one of Chicago’s most beloved restaurants, Harry Caray’s Restaurant on Kinzie St. The historic building was once the home of the notorious enforcer of the Al Capone gang, Frank Nitti, who had an apartment on the fourth floor. Relics from his life of crime were uncovered in 1998 when an electrician drilled a hole in the wall of the basement that revealed a hidden room spanning the width of the upstairs bar. Now referred to as Nitti’s Vault, it houses photographs, newspaper articles and legal documents from Nitti’s life. Recent evidence has revealed that the building also housed a speakeasy and two illegal slot machine manufacturing companies in the 1920’s. As an homage to the building’s storied past, the restaurant has reconstructed a speakeasy with a secret way to gain entry—come along and we’ll tell you how!