Southwest Michigan Wine Country

Southwest Michigan Wine Country                                       
Thursday, May 9, 2019   -   $137

Sip a glass of your favorite wine or discover a new favorite as we visit two of the Michigan's very best wineries!   

At Tabor Hills Winery in Buchanan, nestled in the rolling hills, you'll learn what goes into creating a perfect bottle of wine. Uncover the rich history of the winery, explore their modern winemaking facilities and learn why Lake Michigan makes the area so prolific for growing grapes used in wine-making on a casual walking tour.  

Friendly wine experts will then guide you through the selection of award-winning wines, including recent releases, classic favorites, sparkling wines and non-alcoholic juices.  

Also enjoy lunch in the winery's upscale restaurant, overlooking the vineyards and providing a dramatic backdrop to compliment its renowned cuisine.  

Later visit the Lemon Creek Winery tasting room, vineyard, and fruit farm for an unforgettable Pure Michigan experience. Situated on a 160-year old farm, the family owned winery uses grapevines which are over 70 years old.  A tasting features their famous dry red estate bottled wine and their sweet white Silver Beach Sauterne.