Secrets of the Mummies at Field Museum

Secrets of the Mummies and Grand Lux Cafe 
Thursday, February 21, 2019 - $125   

Another blockbuster exhibition, Mummies, has opened at Chicago’s world-renowned Field Museum. See mummies as you never have before in this rare, close-up look at mummies from the two places in the world with the longest and most interesting mummification traditions: ancient Egypt and ancient Peru.  

By using non-invasive CT scanning, DNA analysis, and other cutting-edge technologies, scientists have been able to give you a look back thousands of years to reveal the people behind the wrapped bundles and gilded coffins. See fascinating computerized-scanned results to learn about the person inside the wraps. You’ll learn why Peruvians buried their mummies in accessible underground pits, while Egyptians used wooden coffins and sealed tombs.

The exhibition also features life-size samples of a burial pit, a tomb, and multiple examples of the wooden coffins, typically decorated with hieroglyphic writings.  At the Field Museum’s permanent exhibition, Inside Ancient Egypt, you can explore an ancient Egyptian tomb. The Museum’s three-story recreation of a mastaba features two authentic rooms from the 5,000-year-old tomb of a pharaoh’s son.  

During our visit we will also view a movie, Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies. Literally discover hidden tombs and walk through deserts as you experience the wonders of ancient Egyptian monuments in 3D. You will follow researchers as they uncover secrets of the past, learning more about the world of the pharaohs!  Lunch today is at Grand Lux Café on the Magnificent Mile. Along with their renowned cuisine you will love their lavish interior design, hand-blown glass fixtures and intricate mosaics.  

Sign up and attend this Day Trip and we will deduct the cost of this trip ($125) from the final balance of the 2019 Egypt tour should you decide to join us in Egypt.