Saints & Sinners of Milwaukee

Saints & Sinners of Milwaukee                                       
Thursday, June 13, 2019  -  $119

Take a "spirited" journey to learn about the Saints and Sinners of Milwaukee.

We'll begin the tour driving by many architecturally stunning churches throughout the city, with a focus on the diversity of religion in Milwaukee.

Our first stop will be the Basilica of St Josaphat, a magnificent church built by Milwaukee’s Polish community, and finished in 1901. At the time of completion, the only building in the country with a larger dome was the United States Capitol.  

Next, we’ll visit the city’s East Town neighborhood featuring a dozen historic churches including St Paul’s Episcopal Church, known for its Tiffany stained glass windows and unique architecture.

In the afternoon, the tour turns to the other side of Milwaukee's social society with the many breweries, saloons and former speakeasies. We'll learn about the days of Mayor David Rose, "All the time Rosy", when the city became a center of officially sanctioned vice, as well as how "Brew City" survived the years of Prohibition.

Lunch is served at Water Street Brewery, before we make a final stop at Best Place to see the transformation of the former Historic Pabst Brewery, learn a bit of history and sample a bit of PBR, Pabst Blue Ribbon.