Majestic Eagles on the Illinois River

Majestic Eagles on the Illinois River              Tuesday February 11, 2020                      $ 92

Every winter, Illinois gives visitors the opportunity to see more wintering American bald eagles than in any other state outside Alaska.  Today we travel to Starved Rock State Park to see and learn about this majestic bird, the national emblem of the United States.  Eagles follow seasonal food supplies and as northern lakes and streams freeze over, the Starved Rock Dam on the Illinois River has become a favorite spot for them.  On a guided tour with minimal walking, we’ll enjoy an eagle presentation at the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center where you can observe this awesome creature in its natural habitat as they glide above the river looking for a meal. You can also learn about the operation of the lock and dam and the Illinois River as a part of our National water highway system.  Displays about early users of the Illinois River, the Illinois and Michigan Canal and how water transportation transformed the United States are also featured.  At comfy and cozy Starved Rock Lodge we are treated to a hot lunch and can warm up by the largest two-sided fireplace in Illinois!  A stop will also be made at Starved Rock Park’s Visitor Center, home to a 400-gallon aquarium housing fish indigenous to the Illinois River, and a nice gift shop.