Dazzling Oak Park-River Forest--Wright & Wrong!

Dazzling Oak Park-River Forest--Wright & Wrong!  Thursday, August 29, 2019      $122

The dazzling suburbs of Oak Park and River Forest are without question one of the most architecturally significant areas in the entire Midwest and have worked tirelessly to preserve their rich heritages. In 1889, Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife settled in Oak Park and built his home and studio, where he produced more than a third of his life’s work. We’ll tour the home and studio where Wright pioneered a unique new vision for American architecture, called Prairie style. Trained interpreters offer insights into Wright's family life and career. It is here he designed Robie House and Unity Temple. Next, we’ll drive past Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway’s boyhood home and Wright’s Unity Temple before lunch at Winberie’s Cafe, an Oak Park icon. This afternoon our tour focuses on a different aspect as we are joined by renowned author, History Channel consultant and Chicago mob historian John Binder. From the comfort of our motorcoach, Binder will take us past the houses and mansions of famous organized crime figures who resided here, including Chicago bosses Tony Accardo, Paul Ricca, “Tough Tony” Capezio, and “Machine Gun Jack” McGurn and tell us the tales of the mobsters’ times in these historic homes. See Sam Giancana’s home, the site of one of the most famed mob hits in history, and hear of Giancana’s alleged ties to JFK, the CIA and Frank Sinatra. John will even offer his theories on who conducted the hit on Giancana! You'll hear about bullet-proof glass windows, built-in vaults, tunnels and hidden stairs. As we pass by one of Accardo’s former homes, Binder explains the building’s unique and ornate features such as its ornate ceiling moldings, gold-plated plumbing fixtures and the master bathtub cut from one solid piece of white onyx. As we pass by Accardo’s second River Forest home, learn about the infamous 1978 burglary and the resulting mayhem in the mob underworld that followed. From Wright to “there goes the neighborhood”, you won’t want to miss this exciting tour!