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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Crowe, Ewa Citizenship Coordinator (847)718-7730 
Engel, Nicol ABE/GED Head Instr./ADA Coord. (847)718-7953 
Fletcher, JoAnn RTL Program Coordinator (847) 718-7720 
Frost, Julie Transitions & I-Pathways Coord. (847) 718-7876 
Gaszak, Agnieszka Data & Information Services & Testing Coordinator (847)718-7727 
Hoffman, Laurice Read to Learn Volunteer Coord. (847)718-7721 
Johnson, Donna AEFL Fiscal Coordinator (847)718-7726 
Kerr, Linda CE Travel Manager (847)718-7709 
Marquez, Veronica PI Supervisor (847) 718-7952 
McGill, Marshall C&PA Production Assistant (847) 718-7707 
Palaggi, Teresa CE PROGRAM SUPERVISOR PROGRAMMING (847)718-7704 
Petersen, Kimberly Read to Learn Administrative Assistant (847)718-7724 
Ramian, Bob CE Travel Tour Coordinator (847)718-7751 
Sang, Pamela ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I (847)718-7703 
Schmidt, Linda ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I (847)718-7705 
Serafin, Rhonda Manager-Adult Ed. Family Literacy (847)718-7719 
Silva, Daizy PI Data Specialist 847-718-7949 
Soskich, Julie ELA/ESL Head Registrar (847)718-7725 
Tamburrino, Cassandra ELA Coordinator (847) 718-7723 
Tello, Carinna Outreach Services, Spanish GED (847)718-7722 
Torres, Irma Fiscal Assistant (847) 718-7951 
Ventrello, Mary Kay Information Specialist (847)718-7712 
Zielinski, Patrick Cultural & Performing Arts Coord. (847)718-7707 
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