One of District 214 Community Education's key goals is to expand lifelong learning opportunities for residents of all ages through positive relationships, community involvement, and collaborative planning in the efficient use of resources. 


District 214 Community Education is committed to comprehensive lifelong learning opportunities as one means of improving the quality of life for all those who live or work in District 214. Every individual, organization and agency has an opportunity to enhance learning through the formation of effective partnerships. We believe that building positive relationships through partnering with others ultimately benefits the entire community.


Often, the most effective and efficient way to deliver programs and services is to work together with others. The pooling of resources can bring mutual benefits to the partners as well as the people we serve.
Partnerships can exist on three main levels:

  • Cooperation - simply working together toward a common goal.
  • Coordination - sharing resources, joint planning, development and programming.
  • Collaboration - greater sharing, joint resource allocation, monitoring and evaluation.

and provide these benefits:

  • Sharing resources can reduce costs.
  • Offer support for specific programs and activities.
  • Improve the partners' abilities to respond to needs.
  • Deliver programs and services more effectively and efficiently.


There is no one best way to operate a Community-Business-Education partnership. Each relationship is unique and planning is a key to success. Retail and service businesses, chambers of commerce, private companies, government agencies, schools, professional/trade associations and staff members of District 214 can all be effective partners with Community Education. We are always interested in exploring potential partnerships that will benefit those we serve. For more information, please contact the Community Education office at 847-718-7700.