Community Resources


Make the Connections to Succeed

Illinois workNet connects individuals with Jobs, education and training opportunities in their community and throughout the state. It is creating more opportunity for more people – and that benefits all Illinois residents. Illinois workNet also offers information on how to:

  • Plan for your career and job search
  • Find a job or change Jobs
  • Find job openings in Illinois ‘fastest-growing industries
  • Learn about careers
  • Improve your education
  • Connect to work support services

Find a Resource Room

To locate trained staff who are able to assist you in finding resources for your job search, career preparation, and work support such as financial aid, child care and much more, visit and click on individuals.

Get Connected to the Workforce You Need

Illinois workNet helps employers connect to potential employees through online resources and local business services teams. Additionally, Illinois workNet connects employers with job skills training and continuing education programs to strengthen their existing workforce. Illinois workNet can help businesses:

  • Recruit and retain qualified workers
  • Connect to training and education programs for Illinois’ most  in-demand occupations
  • Post job openings
  • Link to labor market information
  • Connect to business development

Find a Business Services Team

To find a site where there is a dedicated business services team able to help you, visit and click on Businesses.

District 214 Community Education
Kelly Barinholtz
Transition Coordinator or 847-718-7876