Here at District 214 Community Education, Cultural & Performing Arts are beyond alive and well. Record-setting attendance and participation at our highly diverse events have surpassed the 20,000 mark. We have formed new partnerships, presented new performers, and expanded our programs in terms of both the number and range of the performances offered to the community.

Our ethnic and folk arts programs celebrate the diversity of our community and allow our community members to broaden their perspectives. We have forged longstanding partnerships that allow us to present professional concerts - from a folk trio, a jazz pianist, a baritone, and show choirs to community concert bands, the US military bands, musical ensembles and a modern dance troupe.

We provide the community with a broad range of arts programming, available to them both as participants and audience members. Our children and youth in the community are given maximum exposure to the arts, providing opportunities for them to participate as artists, thereby helping them foster their creativity. 

One of our key goals is "to help local artists and arts organizations to thrive." We provide economic opportunities to Illinois artists by identifying new and different artists each year so that a wide spectrum of talent and art forms can be introduced to the community.

Events we produce involve some degree of partnership and sponsorships with community-based organizations. These include local artists and arts organizations, volunteers and performers from our six high schools or from the community at large, local agencies such as park districts and senior centers, local businesses and organizations. Our partnership with the Northwest Suburban Community Concert Association spans many years.

We welcome sponsorship and partnership opportunities.  For more information, please contact Patrick Zielinski at (847) 718-7707.