New Tutor Online Training

Because the progress of adult learners rests upon the skills of the volunteer tutors, effective training is vitally important. Prior to attending our New Tutor Training Seminar, we ask that you complete two online training workshops. These free online workshops, which take about 45 minutes each, will provide an overview of what is expected of a volunteer tutor in a literacy program. While each literacy program is unique, the important points covered are valid across all programs.

The two online workshops are located on the Proliteracy Education Network website.

To access these workshops:

1. Go to

2. Click on the Professional Development tab on the top

3. A drop down menu will appear

4. Click on Education Network

5. Scroll down to LOGIN and click on it

6. If you are a new user you must-“Create Account”

7. Once you create an account and LOGIN-Click on “Browse

8. Go to the drop down tab on the top of the screen under “Browse
    for Resources and click on “Old Proliteracy Ednet Online

9. Choose “Orientation to Volunteering in Literacy” and
    “Volunteering in English Language Learner Literacy Classes.”

Note: The first time you register for a course you will complete

a registration form and choose a user name and password.

When you complete each workshop, you will be able to print a

certificate. Please print and bring these TWO certificates with

you when you attend the Read to Learn New Tutor Training