Citizenship Application Assistance

Township High School District 214 - Community Education invites you to:

Apply For U. S. Citizenship
Forest View Educational Center
2121 S. Goebbert Road
Arlington Heights, IL  60005
Room A110

We provide assistance in person, by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, please call Ewa Crowe at (847) 718-7730We do not provide assistance over the telephone or by email.

Please bring the following:  

  • GREEN CARD (Permanent Residence Card)
  • State ID or Driver's License
  • $725 Money Order made out to USCIS for application and fingerprints. (Applicants age 75 or older pay $640)
  • $125 (cash or check) for service fees
  • Two passport photos
  • Height (feet/inches) and weight (pounds)
  • Home addresses for the past five years (with dates).  Employer names and addresses for the past 5 years (with dates).  If in the past five years you were a student, name of school(s) and dates attended
  • Dates (day, month, year) when you left the United States and returned since becoming a Permanent Resident
  • Information about your husband/wife (birth date, marriage date, Social Security number, Permanent Resident number on Green Card, or if spouse became a U.S. Citizen, bring the Certificate of Naturalization)
  • If you have been a Permanent Resident for three years and have been married to a U.S. Citizen for three years bring your marriage certificate.  If your spouse is a naturalized citizen, bring your spouse's Certificate of Naturalization
  • If you or your spouse were married before: the full name of your previous spouse, date of marriage, date marriage ended, his/her immigration status
  • Information about your children: full names, birth date, country of birth, Permanent Resident number (Green Card) and current address
  • For men between ages 18 and 26 who have lived in the U.S.:  Selective Service number and date of registration.  If you have not registered, you must do so before applying for citizenship.  Call Selective Service at (847) 688-6888.
  • Police records and/or court dispositions of any arrests or court appearances