Cancelled Classes & Room/Building Changes

Community Education Class Cancellation Policy
If District 214 closes school for the day:

Community Education will not hold morning/afternoon classes at District 214 buildings. Daytime emergency closing information can be found on the district website  We will wait until the afternoon District 214 announcement re: evening activities. 
If after-school activities are continued at the schools in the afternoon/evening, Community Ed classes at District 214 buildings will take place normally.
If after-school activities are cancelled at the schools in the evening, Community Ed will also cancel evening classes at District 214 buildings to protect the safety of our students  and teachers.

If District 214 does not close school for the day but the forecast for the evening is foreboding and the weather turns bad in the late afternoon, Community Education may cancel evening classes held at District 214 buildings for the safety of our students and teachers. The closing decision will be made by 3:00 PM in the afternoon. A closing announcement will be posted on the "Emergency Closing Information"  page on this website. Closing information will be placed on the voicemails at 847-718-7700, 847-718-7709, 847-718-7724 and 847-718-7725.

WGN Emergency Closing Center

Other sources for District 214 School Closing information can be found on the media outlets listed below:


  • WGN 720  AM
  • WBBM 780  AM
  • WLS 890  AM
  • WIND 560  AM

Television / Cable Channels:

  • CBS, Channel 2
  • NBC, Channel 5
  • ABC, Channel 7
  • WGN, Channel 9
  • WFLD, Channel 32

This page will be updated as needed and will reflect the latest information regarding District 214 Community Educationprogramming.

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