About Us

Community Members:


We are excited to welcome you to another session of Community Education! We continue to add new courses, trips and experiences to provide the highest quality lifelong learning and personal enrichment experience. Based on feedback from you, we continue to expand our offerings to ensure we are meeting your needs.


With the election season upon us, we again are offering a non-partisan panel discussion on the 2018 election and civic engagement, which you can read here. For parents, we have developed a new series of presentations and classes to inform you of trending topics and offer an opportunity to meet with other parents to learn from each other. Please visit our Youth, Family and Parent programs and read about the parents’ series here.


We are very excited to partner with the Daily Herald to offer a series of presentations and discussions entitled Facts Matter. In an era of “fake news,” how do you discern what information is factual? In this five-part series, Daily Herald and District 214 staff will help participants learn how words, photos, audio recordings and even video can be faked, and why reputable journalists don’t do so. You will have the opportunity to hear how a news organization operates and pretend you’re the editor weighing the day’s news.  


We continue to add online courses such Medical Coding and Entrepreneur Boot Camp and professional development opportunities. I invite you to check out our full schedule of trips and our culinary classes.


If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on how we can better serve, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Patrick Mogge
Director of Community Engagement and Outreach